After attending Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, Michael Wick quickly began his business career, a career which would encompass systems consultancy, general management, entrepreneurial development and more. He built and maintained strong business networks through the 80s and 90s with many top Fortune 500 companies as well as their CEOs. In 1981, Tel-Tronix Systems recruited Mr. Wick and brought him on board as a general sales representative. In just two short years, at the tender age of twenty-two, Mr. Wick was promoted to General Manager of Tel-Tronix and had already increased their gross sales from $200,000 to over $2 million. In 1984, Mr. Wick made the move to Communications Consultants, Inc. (CCI) and quickly became one of their top producers. As a lead consultant Mr. Wick was directly responsible for the promotion and sale of extensive communications systems manufactured by companies such as IBM, Siemens, and NEC. Mr. Wick’s clients included such notables as General Motors, Coca Cola, Coldwell Banker, GE, and many more. During his tenure at CCI, Mr. Wick interfaced with corporate executives at all levels, personally evaluated all business telecommunications and data network needs, designed extensive telecommunications/data network solutions, and negotiated contracts that generated millions of dollars in sales. The heart of their business—their  voice and data network systems design and implementation was entrusted entirely to Mr. Wick.

In 1986, while still with CCI, Mr. Wick took on an entrepreneurial project; he participated in establishing a successful chiropractic office in Yuma, Arizona where his leadership skills helped bring about profitable returns within the very first year. Mr. Wick has owned and operated numerous, highly successful companies throughout the Arizona area including a 100% interest in the largest privately held telecommunications company in Arizona—Communication Technologies, Inc. (CTI), which he founded at the age of twenty-six. Never slowing down, Mr. Wick founded and managed many companies with a wide array of services and products—always focusing on stable growth and long term development. A list of some of his companies and achievements follows: Communication Technologies, Inc., Standard Flooring (a nationwide government contracting company), Voice Express (voice mail manufacturing), COMTECH (computer manufacturing), Professional Recruiting Services, Global-Net (a long distance reseller), WCRT Energy (an oil and gas lending company), one of the largest U.S. West distributors in the country, and one of the largest NEC distributors on the west coast. In addition, Mr. Wick was, and is, very active in the business of general real estate acquisition, planning, and development.

Accredited Investors, L.L.C. has provided the equity capital for development projects in excess of $147,000,000 (retail value), and with Mr. Wick at the helm has built the bridge to many successful multi-million dollar development deals, from institutionally financed to business and private investor financed projects. For over twenty years as an investor and developer, Mr. Wick has built a trusted reputation based on experience, proficiency in analysis of shifting markets, and a better than 20/20 vision in regard to “seeing what others don’t see”—and capitalizing on it. He has staked his reputation on making investments with real exit strategies that provide consistent, conservative, stable returns for his partners.