Flagstaff Heritage Center

As Men’s Journal’s number 2 ranked town in all of America, and sitting confidently in National Geographic’s top 10, the serene and picturesque Flagstaff, Arizona has certainly earned its stripes. At an elevation of nearly 7000 feet on the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau, Flagstaff sits in full view of Mount Elden and the glorious San Francisco Peaks Mountain Range. Nestled amongst the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the continental United States, this is an area where one can truly escape from it all and relax in natural beauty.

Settled in the late 19th Century, Flagstaff quickly attracted the booming railroad industry as it became an ideal stop due to its growing timber, sheep, and cattle exports. The completion of the world famous Route 66 in 1926 made Flagstaff a popular tourist destination and assured its survival.

Accredited Investors, L.L.C. provided the equity capital, and then partnered with Bromont Development to develop the Flagstaff Heritage Center in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. The center is the anchor of the City of Flagstaff’s redevelopment master plan, and the city provided incentives to redevelop the site.

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