Danny Manning Residence

With twelve exclusive resorts and a median home price of about 1.74 million, Paradise Valley, Arizona is the best of the best of Arizona’s premiere desert communities. Like its adjacent neighbor, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley is also a true jewel of the Sonoran desert, and is home to a vibrant arts culture. It is home to rock stars and wrestlers, athletic pros and politicians, a history making Supreme Court Justice (Sandra Day O’Connor) and even one humorous former VP, Dan Quayle. When one has the means to settle anywhere in the world, they often consider Paradise Valley due to its formidable scenic beauty.

Accredited Investors, L.L.C. provided equity capital and partnered with Von Glankler Corporation to develop a 10,000 square foot under roof (6,700 square foot livable) custom home at 6001 East Horseshoe Road in Paradise Valley, Arizona. The lot was purchased in November, 1992 and the approximate total cost to construct the home was $680,000. Upon completion, the finished home sold in September of 1994 to Danny Manning of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns.

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