Affordable Housing

Imagine a place where early Native American tribes worked the land and made a good life, where packs of Mexican gray wolves ran freely across the desert plain. Imagine long skies of blue, untouched and pure as a Cooper ís Hawk cuts nimbly across the sun. Imagine warm red hues cast off unspoiled mountains irrigated by lush river waters. This was life on the Colorado Plateau in the San Juan Basin before this land was called America, and though sadly the gray wolf is gone, much of this desert prize has thankfully remained the same. This is a sacred place, and home to the Navajo Nation, whose people have taken care of this great land since time can be remembered.

Nestled between the great history of the Aztec Ruins National Monument and the great beauty of the Mesa Verde National Park, Farmington, New Mexico is the heart and soul of the San Juan Basin. Surprisingly, amidst all its desert beauty there is some serious commerce going on here as well, and energy is the buzz word. Rich in natural gas, coal, and oil, Farmington is positioning itself to be a national leader and energy producer. Keeping communication open, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and energy companies are in talks to find a way to harness the energy here while being careful to ensure that the precious ecosystem is protected.

From the petrified logs and fossil-laden sands of the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness to the historic Salmon Ruins, the Farmington, New Mexico area is a place where natural beauty and business come together. With an eye on the future of affordable housing, Accredited Investors, L.L.C. provided the equity capital for the acquisition of a portfolio of foreclosed homes. The homes were refurbished, restored to a desirable living state, and returned to the market. In short time, these refurbished homes were sold to low-income buyers, giving them a valuable stake in their own community.

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