(875 West Eliott Rd.)

From the banks of the Salt River to the picturesque views from Tempe Butte nearly 1500 feet up, Tempe is the home of Arizona State University, US Airways, and even the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim during spring training. A thriving and metropolitan suburb of Phoenix, Tempe has a long history of excellence in the world of sports acting for many years as host of the Fiesta Bowl, former host of Super Bowl XXX, as well as the current Insight Bowl. As the most densely populated city in Arizona, Tempe serves as a crossroads for its neighboring and larger cities. A corporate center, Tempe is also home to Insight Computers, Motorola, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and many more.

Accredited Investors, L.L.C. provided the equity capital, and then partnered with M.F. Diesner and Company in a macro development project—a  200,000 square foot industrial center at 875 West Eliott Road in Tempe.

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